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Why africa kosher safaris?

Kenya, “The Black Pearl of Africa”.

A safari trip to Kenya is a sweeping experience that combines exotic cultures with landscapes that blur the border between reality and imagination.

In Kenya, you will find the world’s largest safari reserves, ancient nature, traditional tribes, rainforests, snowy mountains, hippopotamus lakes, the flamingo lake, colorful markets, wild nature reserves, thousands of wild animals and beautiful rare birds and, of course, Africa’s ‘Big Five’: the lion, elephant, tiger, buffalo and rhinoceros.

Kenya, the legendary safari country, is one of the first destinations discovered by the tourists in East Africa.

Kenya attracts visitors from all over the world because it’s characterized by a unique and interesting combination between the authentic African character and Western progress. You will find luxury hotels located in the heart of wild nature reserves untouched by human hands alongside ancient tribes.

Kenya’s highlight is undoubtedly its wild and mighty Maasai Mara Safari, that won for the sixth consecutive time the title “The Best Safari of Africa”.       (DAILY NATION).

That’s why we are here – Kenya Kosher Travel ensures your experience will be perfect.

Why with us?

Professionalism and experience

Our clients enjoy a combination of a professional Israeli and Kenyan staff, with vast knowledge and experience. We will accompany you throughout the entire trip and take care of every detail, so you can enjoy an Africa kosher safaris trip at the highest level of tourism!

VIP service with maximum enjoyment

From the moment of planning the trip, landing at the airport, the stay in Kenya and until the exciting conclusion, you are in the professional, responsible and dedicated hands of Kenya Kosher Travel.


We will make sure your time is utilized to the maximum in safety and security with luxury hotels and, of course, a variety of exciting destinations. 

Partners to your travel  

It is important for us to ‘tailor’ a trip suited personally to your needs. Together we will plan the fascinating Africa kosher safaris journey according to the ages, your budget, your limitations, your dreams and your values.

A strictly kosher culinary experience

No more cans and crackers! We will provide you with tasty and strictly kosher food for the entire trip. We also like surprising with treats and snacks… The food comes to you fresh and crispy, directly from the hands of experienced chefs, so you can enjoy high-quality food without compromising on kashrut.

Thinking big about the smallest details

SIM cards with a surfing package, the best-equipped new jeeps! Facilities include a socket for charging cameras and smartphones, a refrigerator, binoculars for watching animals in the distance. We deal with all the needs of religious and observant Jews and respond to special requests such as conducting a special and exciting Bar Mitzvah ceremony etc.

Let’s talk, plan and fulfill a once in a lifetime adventure challenge trip

תמונה של טוכי מתוך טיול ספארי באפריקה

The complete guide to a Safari journey in Kenya

As a result of our intimate acquaintance with Kenya, its culture and different safari reserves across the country, we have prepared all the important information plus tips in an organized and convenient guide that will ensure you derive maximum pleasure from your amazing Africa kosher safaris trip and so you can return home safely.

Travelers Diary

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Planning a family trip, surprise for your parents or a honeymoon? A personally tailored trip to Kenya is the solution. Breathe deeply, this is going to be your dream vacation!
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Looking for a trip different from the standard? Come and enjoy our special trips!


Planning a trip for company employees? For a group of friends? Come and enjoy an organized Africa kosher safaris trip. intended for traditional and religious Jews.

We will take care of everything you need, so you can do most of your time and earn a business trip that is also an experience

תמונה של אוכל כשר שצולמה במהלך טיול לקניה

We will take care of strictly kosher food for you

תמונה של אוכל כשר שצולמה במהלך טיול לקניה

Up to now, there was no real solution in Kenya for kashrut observers. The company was founded following the high demand for a regular and organized service for groups of travelers and businessmen interested in kosher and quality food.

It is important for us that you will eat well throughout the entire trip, because food is an integral part of the experience!

A once in a lifetime experience with the entire family

תמונה מתוך האתר של ילד מחייך לאחר טיול ספארי באפריקה

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Our recommended destinations

Kenya has some of the most beautiful safari reserves in the world, and the most famous of them, Maasai Mara, Nakuru Park and the Amboseli National Park, are just some of the breathtaking and spectacular destinations we will reach.

Kosher safari in Masai Mara

The Maasai Mara National Reserve

Maasai Mara has been awarded the ‘Best Safari in Africa’ award for the last 6 years. DAILY NATION

The trip to Maasai Mara is an indescribable experience. It is an exciting, unifying for your group or family and a fascinating experience that will leave within you an imprint of love of nature, its treasures and the savage savanna areas in the safari of Kenya.

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Amboseli National Park

The Amboseli reserve is located on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Its beauty is exciting and amazing and it is considered one of the most popular and well-liked reserves in Africa. This “title” is attached to it because of the direct encounter with the great flocks of elephants living within it. Alongside the elephants, thousands of animals live in their

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תמונה של פלאמנקו מתוך טיול ספארי באפריקה

Lake Nakuru – The Flamingo Lake

Lake Nakuru is a shallow soda lake in Kenya, located on the African Rift Valley. The lake was declared a national park in 1961 and in 2011, together with Lake Elmenteita and Lake Bogoria, it was also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The entire site covers an area of ​​about 200 square kilometers.

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