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תמונה מתוך טיול לקניה

Helicopter Safaris will open to our customers Kenya’s most magnificent and remote territory.

Helicopter Safaris are ideal for customers who cannot endure overland tours that take long hours

Lovers of photography will have an ideal opportunity to be up close to magnificent scenery and volcanic outcrops in our Helicopter Safaris

We use AS350BA Squirrel (among other types of helicopters) powered by a turbine engine of proven reliability, air conditioned comforts, handsets that allow customers to chat.

Choppers are equipped with a satellite telephone and a comprehensive medical pack in case of emergencies.

Choppers have well stocked coolers

The pilots have considerable experience and have handled extreme climatic conditions

The pilots maintain stringent and rigorous refresher courses so that our customers can be safe while in the air

Our clients are free to suggest tailor made safaris which we are always ready to organize.

We partner with experienced flight charter companies in East Africa to offer you the best rates possible.

The minimum number is four clients for a safari.


Fly over the majestic great Rift Valley, the gorges below crawl with lots of rocks, wide species of plants and abudant birdlife. Fly further forth to Lake Bogoria. As we approach the Lake there is a visible sea of pink- lesser and greater flamingos translating to individual flamingos. The park within is home to all sorts of wildlife and those who love photography it is an ideal opportunity to capture the best scenes in Kenya.


Depart for Rift Valley as the glorious sun covers the breath taking landscape. Among the spectacular scenic beauty is the floor of the Rift Valley. The narrow Mukutan Gorge below the helicopter poses unique features like the Menengai Crater.

Lake Baringo which is an attraction nestled in a remote area. There is a fully equipped boat guided by an expert guide. The wonders and jewels of this zone are further enjoyed in campsites where animals are viewed at close quarters. It is a haven for birds and bird lovers. You will have a field day.

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