תמונה מתוך טיול ספארי באפריקה

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya, and one of the largest cities in Africa with a population of 3 million inhabitants in an area of about 685 square kilometers. Its name derives from a word in the Maasai language, Enkarenairobi, which means “cool waters”.

Nairobi’s uniqueness is the Nairobi National Park, located within the city’s area and defined as a safari reserve.

The city’s fascinating uniqueness is also reflected in the fact that it combines modern city life alongside wild nature. In addition, in the city of Nairobi there are many species of birds, more than any other capital city! You can watch large and unusual birds resting on the city’s electricity poles.

Nairobi is also called the “Green City in the Sun”, and amazes with its confusing style: the wide boulevards with office towers and luxury restaurants alongside narrow and dirty streets, suburbs, parks and more.

Nairobi is the most important business center in East Africa, and the most significant for international trade in Kenya.

So what can you enjoy in Nairobi? The list is long! One thing is certain, you can not plan an Africa kosher safaris trip without including Nairobi in the program

The city is not another transit station – it has places for preservation and study of animals, historical museums where you can learn about the local culture, poor neighborhoods (“Slums”), a Chabad House that is always awaiting you with a cup of coffee, shopping for souvenirs in the different markets and more.


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