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תמונה שצולמה במהלך טיול ספארי באפריקה

Kenya is located in East Africa on both sides of the equator, bordering on Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and the Indian Ocean.

Capital city: Nairobi is the largest city. Additional large cities are Nakuru and Mombasa.

Area: 582,000 square kilometers

Independence: December 12, 1963.

Languages: Swahili and English, in addition to 30 different and unique languages ​​of different tribes.

Climate: tropical along the coast and arid inland.

Government: Republican and Democratic.

Population: Over 47 million people.

Religion: 45% of Kenya’s residents are Protestant Christians, 33% are Catholic Christians, 10% are Muslims and the rest are from different religions.

There is no precise information on the number of Evangelicals in Kenya, but the other Christian movements in Kenya also show strong and deep support for Israel.

In Nairobi alone there are a few hundred Jewish families, and several hundreds are scattered throughout the country.

Currency: KES Kenyan Shilling. (100 Shilling are about $1 US)

Area Code: +245

National food: Ugali – porridge from corn flour

Chabad House of Kenya, Nairobi: Rabbi Shmuel and Chaya Notik +254715348854. Address: Chabad of Kenya

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Kenya is a land of breathtaking landscapes, savannas, clear lakes, rivers and beaches, alongside the world’s most beautiful and large nature reserves, serving as home to millions of animals. Inside the reserves and in other places live the tribes that maintain a traditional and fascinating lifestyle.

A trip to Kenya is a powerful and exciting experience that will leave you with a deep impression and endless love for nature and its treasures that we have received from the Almighty. Beginning with the wild safari where you can meet, probably as close as you ever will, Africa’s ‘Big Five’: The African elephant, the bubalus, the African tiger, the African lion and the black rhinoceros or the white rhinoceros and, of course, you will also meet with a huge variety of millions of animals and birds in their natural and comfortable habitat.

Kenya consists from a Western quality of life along with tribes thousands of years old and unpaved roads, so in Kenya you taste everything: the nature and wild landscapes and, the hotels, spa and Western quality of life in an authentic African style. Some call Kenya “The Black Pearl of Africa”.

A trip to Kenya is very experiential, educational, unifying for your group or family and exciting for all ages. It is suitable for a family trip, a honeymoon, a birthday surprise or a Bar or Bat mitzvah that you will never forget. In short, you don’t need a reason to travel to Kenya. Travel – and you will understand!!

We are here to arrange a trip for you to that fits exactly your needs, dreams and desires. We will learn to know you, and design for you the perfect trip, so you can travel without worries and enjoy peace and quiet.

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