Strictly Kosher LeMehadrin Catering

Kenya Kosher Travel provides you with high quality, delicious and strictly kosher food.

Up to now, there was no real solution in Kenya for kashrut observers. The company was founded following the high demand for a regular and organized service for groups of travelers and businessmen interested in kosher and quality food.

It is important for us that you will eat well throughout the entire trip, because food is an integral part of the experience!

So instead of making do with canned food and crackers, simply enjoy high-quality kosher food that will upgrade your trip!

We will be happy to serve you and prepare for you, with love, quality and strictly kosher meals, so you can experience and discover the magnificent scenes of Kenya and enjoy the pleasure of a kosher trip.

What do we offer?

  • Excellent meals by skilled chefs.
  • High quality and fresh catering, made with love.
  • A supply of disposable dishes, boxes and everything required to eat out in the field.
  • Strictly Kosher LeMehadrin under the supervision of Rabbi Shmuel Mordechai Notik.

The catering is suitable for family trips, group trips and businessmen. We will be happy to prepare for you high quality, nutritious and strictly kosher meals.

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ללוי ולצוות היקר. רצינו להגיד תודה על טיול מדהים בקניה, טיילנו בהרבה מקומות בעולם עם חברות שונות אבל אתם הייתם מיוחדים, כמו משפחה לטיול. מסודר טעים וכיף היה לנו בכל רגע. הילדים כבר רוצים לחזור אז תודה רבה!
משפחת לוין
בורו פארק, ניו יורק

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