תמונה של אישה אפריקאית מתוך טיול ספארי באפריקה

350 km from Nairobi, a 5-hour drive

The size of the reserve is 165 square kilometers

Climate: The weather ranges from 18°C to 30°C.

The Samburu Park in Kenya is the home of the Samburu tribe. This tribe is characterized by its colorful and interesting clothing. They raise sheep, cattle and camels for food and trading purposes, and some of its men are fighters. The spoken language among the tribe’s members is the Samburu language.

‘Samburu’ park is divided into three separate reserves: Shaba National Park, Buffalo Spring and the Samburu Game Reserve.

The park is crossed by the red river that separates between the reserves. The river serves as a source of life for the entire region. The river is full of crocodiles and hippopotamuses. The river’s water is regularly drunk by zebras, elephants and deer herds that stop for a short rest from their voyage under the shade of the acacia trees scattered around the river.

The river and the luxuriant vegetation in the area attract thousands of animals to the park. The local residents bring their own private herds to the park to eat, thus posing a threat to the animals in the park.

Samburu park is characterized by a number of unique animals, such as: Grevy’s Zebra, the Reticulated Giraffe, and the Beisa Orex. In the park you can also meet many species of animals, birds and large predators.

Samburu is very interesting and special. It is amazing to see such a wide range of living creatures, from people and animals to plants, all living together in a small habitat.

Attractions in the park:

Riding on horse or camels

A fascinating visit to the Samburu tribe. And more…

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