Yanky Freidman

Can’t really express my feelings to the king of Kenya, we did the trip in the crazy time of Corona with all the difficulties, levi was taking care of us as we are his first and only costumers always there for us, he didn’t wanna leave the hotel cuz he wanted to make sure when we back at night food is ready, we hardly convinced him to join us at the game drive, he should relax a little, we had an amazing time with him on the day trip, we got back exhausted from the day and we started to work on a BBQ like he just woke up…. crazy energy and a unbelievable heart
.And it’s just a little example
!!DON’T even think of doing such a complicated trip without the amazing experience of the king of Kenya
Special thanks for working with us on covid tests in Kenya and Uganda והמבין יבין btw yes he got also great connections in Uganda
Wishing you all the best and ברכה והצלחה.

!Yes we are traveling a lot and I wish to have a guy like him in other countries… didn’t find yet

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